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Thank you for expressing your interest in Effective Flow Connections' Project Management Fundamentals Certification Program. I am thrilled to introduce this program and eagerly look forward to guiding you on your journey of becoming a proficient Project Manager. Your growth and success in your career are of utmost importance to me.

As this is a new program, I am seeking a little assistance from you. In exchange for your valuable input, I am delighted to offer you a special 75% discount on the course.


You are probably wondering what does this assistance entail? Let me first provide you with the program details:

Program Duration: This comprehensive 6-week program is scheduled to commence on August 11th and conclude on September 15th. Live sessions will be held from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM Eastern Time (8:30 AM to 10:30 AM Pacific Time).

Certificate Requirements: To receive a certificate of completion, it is essential that you attend a minimum of four out of the six live sessions. Additionally, you will be required to complete a final exam, scoring 85% or higher.

Now, let's discuss how you can assist us:

  1. Active Participation: Your engagement throughout the course is vital. Attend at least four live sessions and make use of video recordings to catch up on any missed sessions. This ensures you benefit from the valuable content delivered.

  2. Completion of Assigned Activities: Put your learning into practice by completing the assigned activities. This bridge between theory and real-world application will enhance your understanding and skills.

  3. Honest and Constructive Feedback: Your input is invaluable to us. Each week, kindly provide feedback by responding to a brief 5-question survey. Your insights will help us refine and improve the program.


Please note that we have a limited number of slots available for our pilot program. If you're interested, kindly complete the form below. No payment is required at this time. Rest assured, we will notify selected applicants via email, which will also include detailed information regarding the payment process.


I am truly excited about embarking on this transformative journey with you. Together, we will make significant strides in your project management career.


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