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Amanda Hebert
COO & Client Support

Amanda Hebert is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) & Client Support with Effective Flow Connections (EFC).


Amanda Hebert has been with EFC for more than six years, where she performs a wide range of functions. Not only does she work with clients to provide outstanding support, but she also keeps us organized internally, to ensure we provide the highest quality products, training, and services. She is one of EFC’s go-to experts in Smartsheet, a project management collaboration tool, providing real-world examples of how to best use the tool and she delivers professional training.


Prior to EFC, Amanda worked for more than six years as a government civilian with the US Air Force and with the Department of Defense as a Contracting Officer. As a Contracting Officer, she worked with a wide range of industry contractors, from communication, construction, business services, and space launch support services. Amanda has a Master’s Degree in Public Management from the University of Maryland and a Bachelor of Business Administration, with a specialty in Economics, from Valdosta State University.

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