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Project Management Templates


This is an excel RAID Log spreadsheet. This tool includes four tabs for your Risks, Actions, Issues, and Decisions Logs. This tool provides project managers with a centralized location to collect, monitor, and track ongoing project information.  This tool can also guide meetings and discussions throughout the project lifecycle. For more information about the RAID Log template and how your team can use it, please check out our RAID Log video linked below. 


 This is an excel form that creates an S-curve graph with the input of your project's data. An S-Curve represents the utilization of resources over the duration of a project.  For a more detailed look at this tool in action please check out the following video link below. In the video, I will walk you through an S-Curve chart that forecasts spending over time and how you can use this tool to better communicate with stakeholders and project team members when resources will be needed for the completion of a project.


This is a fillable Decision-Making excel spreadsheet tool that allows you to evaluate and prioritize options or projects using weighted criteria. For a more detailed look at this tool in action please check out the following video that outlines how it works and when it can be applied to both professional and personal decision-making processes. 

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We would love to better understand how we can help you improve your project management and/or business skills. Our goal with our YouTube channel and templates is to help you and your team be successful. Enjoy!
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