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Passionate about Leadership.
Training that Empowers.
Results through Consulting.


We work with you to create strategic goals and objectives, then offer customized support to help you execute them.  You'll benefit from the wealth of knowledge possessed by our experts in project management, program management, and change management.


We love partnering with our clients to ensure that training and development efforts are specifically tailored to the needs of your team. Find out more about our offerings, from skills assessments to one-on-one leadership development and coaching.


From driving your most important meetings to planning and facilitating your team offsites, we're here to support you and ensure your success!  We hope you'll allow us to contribute our expertise to your endeavors. 


"Fantastic training - on a scale from 1
to 10; it is 10++++!"
 -Effective Meetings Training, 

We Strive to Provide Outstanding Consulting Services

Our mission at Effective Flow Connections is to provide outstanding consulting services through highly motivated and effective team members.

We put people first, ensuring your team is set up for success, so they can contribute to the organizational strategy and deliver on projects.  Is your team aware of the organization’s strategic plan?  Do they understand the “why”?  Are their respective skill sets aligned with what is being asked of them? You can have the best strategy and plan on paper, but if you don’t have alignment within the organization and desire to support it, it will most likely fail every time.


Next, we deliver the highest quality technical solutions, allowing leaders to make the best business decisions and overcome challenges associated with the execution of projects.  We will work with you to implement processes and tools to ensure you are successful with meeting project objectives on time and within budget. This includes supporting the change management side, as organizations change one-person at a time.




Effective Flow Connections

PO BOX 18538

Reno, NV 89511


1515 Plumas Street

Reno, NV 89509

We are located in Nevada and have experience working both in-person and virtually with clients across the U.S.  We look forward to hearing from you!​

TEL: 775-391-0067

Thank you for contacting us!

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